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Bpoole's 2015 grow

Just going to start by saying how excited I am about this grow season. I didn't try to grow anything too hot until it was too late last year. By August I had about 15 Bhuts and 3 Scorpion plants. I gave half to my cousin but most of his died and mine became infested with aphids and just couldn't get rid of them so now I only have 3. Last year I grew the normal peppers you find at walmart and only aout 4 varieties. This year I am stepping it up to about 30 different types. Most of the seeds I got from beerbreath81 who got them from other members and a site www.tradewindsfruit.com and also some seeds from Dougthehead. Below is my grow list. I would also like to grow some other chocolate types, hot chocolate, reaper, and fatali. I also have some yellow and red brainstrain. If anyone sees anything they would like to trade for please pm me. I received a good amount of seeds and can't grow them all so I have no problem trading.
Aji Lemon Drop
Aji Cito
7 Pot Douglah (yellow)
Douglah (red)
Devils Tongue (yellow)
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (chocolate)
Trinidad Scorpion
White Habanero
Scotch Bonnet (yellow)
Scotch Bonnet (red)
Bhut Jolokia (white)
"                 " (peach)
"                 " (red)
"                 " (yellow)
"                 " (orange)
7 Pot Bubblegum
5 Color Chinese
Datil (yellow)
Thai Pepper
Cherry Bomb (chocolate)
Zimbabwe Bird Pepper
Large Red Thick Cayenne
Cayenne Chile
Yellow Moruga
Giant Jalapeño
These are the remaining Bhuts from last year. I heard that putting two pepper plants in a 5 gallon could actually make them more productive so I decided to try. I think one is sucking up all the nutrients though.



This is a little greenhouse I have been experimenting with. You can see the dark box inside. In the box I am trying the wet paper towel in plastic bag technique. Put those in on the 12th. Its in a box in the greenhouse because that is the warmest place in my house.

And yesterday I received this heat mat with pete pellets to try and regulate temperature better. These were done tonight.

All in all I probably have close to 8 seeds for each plant so If they all germinate I will most likely have some to send out to people who would like some. Remember to pm me if you are interested in seed trading. Good luck to everyone's grow, I'll be back in a couple of days!
Long time no see everybody! Some of the pictures I posted yesterday were a week or sold old so I thought I would take a couple more pics this morning just for fun. Also, I thought I would show everyone where I work and what I do.
Here is a picture of the garden up to date.
On the right I have three carolina reapers, a habanero, and a ghost pepper which I bought from a nearby nursery. Herbs in the top right and tomatoes towards the middle. The far left has two brocooli and some eggplant. This garden has been tough to take care of here. Lately it has been cloudy in the morning and by noon when I head to work it gets very sunny and everything drys out. 
Here are some more micros I ordered to try and grow for the restaurant. More spicy mix, buckwehat, amaranth, curled cress, peas, and thai basil.

And now for the restaurant. I work in Eggleston, Virginia which is just outside of Blacksburg. Known for being located on the oldest river in North America and named after the 100ft+ cliffs, The Palisades Restaurant should be your next destination when you come to Virginia.


Below is our artisan shop where local artist come to sell goods that they make. Every now and then I make a batch of hot sauce to sell here as well.


My Office.

Pizza oven imported from Italy.
Hope you all have enjoyed a little this morning!