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Ok so tomorrow I'm going to get with the new greenhouse building if it doesn't rain. They are calling for rain the next 4 days but who knows. The greenhouse is a Shelter Logic 10'×20'×8' unit. It says it has a translucent cover whatever that is and opens on both ends with vent openings above the doors. It has a 1 3/8" all steel frame so it should be pretty tough and hold up good. So pull up a chair grab some popcorn and enjoy.
Sounds very nice.
JasoninTN said:
Hey there is a video on YouTube shows how it goes together if you have not found it yet. Does not look to bad to set up. Jason
Will search.

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Pics of the greenhouse in question:

Watching and waiting!
Ok here we go woke up this morning and the sun is coming up and i thought cool wrong an hour later it gets cloudy and starts sprinkling. Well me and the wife jump in the truck and head to home depot to pick up a few supplies for the build. I bought some landscape fabric and pins looked at some exhaust fans and found a cool drip system kit they had on sale for $6. Each kit will water 8 plants and comes with everything to hook it up. I bought a pressure regulator and timmer which were not included in the kit. So we leave the HD and head home and yep still sprinkling so we just goof off for a while. Well about 4 o'clock clouds clear and the sun pops out so here i go. I opened the box separate everything count to make sure its all there and lay it out. My wife comes out and gave me a package i recieved in the mail today and its from brother Primo. Cool so i stop and open it and whoa there is a cd and some Primo seeds in there. Well i open the cd pop it in the player and man it is bad ass. It is the band he plays with Santeria their cd Year of the Knife and it rocks for sure my kind of music. Now things get going so i put together all the top frame supports and the main rail on the top before i had to stop. But i will be at it bright and early tomorrow and hopefully finished by the evening.







Few pods i picked today Habanero,Cayenne,Red Hot Cherry,Jalapeno and Tabasco.
Very nice!

I'll be watching this thread with great interest. Looks like exactly what I need...

I've got a very harsh 95 degree desert heat with pretty much zero humidity to deal with that's pretty hard on my plants. The filtered light of that cover and a bit of a misting system might be just the ticket.
   I will also be watching this thread. I've been wondering if a greenhouse would be worth the investment. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I trust a fellow grower way more than an ad from someone trying to sell me an item. Good Luck!
peppernovice said:
   I will also be watching this thread. I've been wondering if a greenhouse would be worth the investment. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I trust a fellow grower way more than an ad from someone trying to sell me an item. Good Luck!
How's the heat inn NC?  I have built a basic shadehouse and have noticed the plants seem to love it, I have not had to water but once in about a month, and there has been no sunburn on the pods or plants.
The only drawback is the added humidity has attracted lots of aphids which I sort of have under control.
Ladybugs are next on the to do list.
Ok things are coming along great. I got the frame up ends on and have the cover over the top but not secured yet. I had to take a break the temps are up and the humidity is at 88% right now. I'm getting pics of each step but I'm on my phone so I'll post them in a few.
Ok here is the greenhouse put together. Its a pretty simple build instructions are pretty clear with good pics to follow. There are a few things you need to skip and go back to later to make it easier on yourself. For one they have you put the bottom rails on square the frame anchor it down then pull the cover and reattach the bottom rails once you run them through the cover. I pulled the cover over the frame ran the rails through the cover attached them squared the frame anchored it down then tightened the bottom rail no need to do double the work right. It is bright in there and hot and humid so the vents will have to stay open with the fan running or the plants would probably wilt from the extreme heat. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Oh and the build took around 5 hours total with my wife helping put on the end panels and pull the cover over the frame i did the rest by myself. Two people could easily put it together in about 3 hours.
The fan

The bare frame

Frame with end panels

Frame with loose cover before tightening and squaring

Frame with cover tight and squared i need a bump to post the other pics.
Thanks buddy here we go the first pic is the ratchets that hold the end panels and cover down. There are 2 per corner one holds the end panel the other holds the cover tight and snug.

Make sure the straps are under the rails or it will not tighten properly.


The end with vent open looking in.

Inside looking from back to front

Front to back

View from the bach once the cover is tight

Its a nice setup and i think its going to work great once i get everything like i want it. I am looking at a CAP controler to keep temps and humidity in check and run my fans. Im going tomorrow and get a vent fan to hang in the rear vent as an exhaust cause like i said the temps inside are about 20 degrees hotter than outside. Any questions please ask and i will do my best to answer them.
  Looking good Rebel. The temps in NC are steady in the high 80s to low 90s. Like Rebel said, the humidity is the killer. You can't be outside more than 30 minutes before you need to change shirts. Keep the updates coming Rebel. I can't wait to see how it does when the temps drop.