heat ButchT is the hottest

Simple post here :) The ButchT Scorpion has been tested at OVER 1.4 million schoville units. Direct from seeds obtained by the hippy seed company.

How do ya like those apples!
Well it has been a long time coming, great to see there is going to be some recognition for it's AWESOMENESS!!!!
Even if they don't recognise it anyone who has tried one knows :hell:

I believe he's going to have a hard time getting the Guiness record with all the new criteria thats been added but I think we all already know that the Scorpion-BT is the hottest thing around
They should just send any peppers that need to be tested here. We know years before the test results come through and could save them the trouble!
Glad it finally happened...way to go Hippy....I got some too and they are going to be grown in pure isolation...

Is the ButchT Scorpion a completely different pepper than Trinidad Scorpion? Has this been used in any sauces on the market yet?
It's a strain. one of the Trinidad Scorpion's many strains. I think AJ makes pastes of it.
Hippy has been making his Skobiyan sauce out of these pods for quite a while now. Out of a 150 ml woozy there are 100 grams of ButchT Scorps.