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Calico pepper plant

I just picked up the most beautiful pepper plant I've ever seen. They said it was a Calico pepper plant, but it is more beautiful and more delicate looking than the pictures I have just looked at on the internet. The information says that it is not recomended for eating because it was "too hot" and since that is rediculous here in this forum, I'm wondering, has anyone tried the peppers? I know this is an ornamental mainly, but just curious. I'm assuming most people have seen these, but if not, I can take a pic tomorrow. Its only a few inches tall,but looks somewhat old. I assume that it will grow true from seed from what I have seen. I know I'd like to grow more of these. I'm a sucker for variegated plants in general, so a pepper plant that looks like this, I just couldn't pass this one up when I saw it in the garden shop yesterday. Tom
Thanks for posting your discovery.   We will be looking for these locally.
Google search = this is another development from ballhort.com
Over the years, We have grown many selections from Ball container collections 
found in our local big box garden centers. 
Ball  'Sweet Heat' pepper plants, are my 'bulletproof' peppers. 
IMHO - When I can't grow 'Sweet Heat' I'll give up growing anything!
I'll know my green thumb has turned black.
Here is a picture of the plant. The peppers are light red right now, but you can't really see them from this angle. The other side of the plant where you could see the peppers was rather thin looking, so I shot the best side, for the looks of the plant. I'm bringing one for hot pepper night, we will see what pepper is TOO HOT to eat. I don't think it will be this one! :)