pics Campfire sauce


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Didn't have the best growing season thanks to improper planning and a major hurricane. Despite the hardships. I managed to get enough for some small batches of sauce. The first "test" batch I'm calling "campfire hot sauce". Very pleased with how this came together. Ingredients- Fermented ripe jalapeno, chocolate bhut and garlic (60+ days @3%salt), roasted carrot, smoked onion, smoked garlic, brown sugar and white vinegar.
Heat level is med to hot 6.5 of 10. Garlic forward in the nose with a hint of smoke. Flavor is garlic forward with a nice smokiness that lingers with the heat. Slight back of the throat burn along with subtle ghost pepper flavor. The astringency is cutback perfectly with the addition of brown sugar.

I dont care for smoke heavy. It limits the usefulness of the sauce to me. Its not something i really want in things like ramen, noodle dishes or even curry.
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