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shopping Can a few of you suggest some vendors for seeds?

+1 for Hippy Seed Company They are a little more expensive than some other vendors, but their seeds always seem to grow true for me.

I also recommend White Hot Peppers and Texas Hot Peppers as long as you are OK with open-pollinated seeds and don't mind getting the occasional surprise cross.

If you are interested in more colorful and ornamental varieties, then Matt's Peppers seems to focus more on those. I have seen variations in the seeds I have grown from him, so I would assume that his seeds are likely open-pollinated as well.
The already mentioned rareseeds (Baker's Creek) has been great for me! No mislabeled seeds and good germination rates.

Fair warning they are owned and ran by kind of not great people without getting too into it, but if that doesn't bother you they have good product.
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Welcome back @gnomepunter. Here are a few links I've collected. No guarantees they still work, especially the non-USA ones, since most of them don't ship to the USA anymore.

USA Vendors

Baker Creek - https://www.rareseeds.com/store/vegetables/hot
Bunny Hop Seeds (Heritage Seed Market) - https://heritageseedmarket.com/index.php/product-category/peppers/
Burrell Seed - https://burrellseeds.us/product-category/fruit-vegetables/peppers/
Cross Country Nurseries - https://www.chileplants.com/pepper-seeds.aspx
Forgotten Heirlooms - https://forgottenheirlooms.com/shop/ols/categories/hot-pepper
High Mowing Organic Seeds - https://www.highmowingseeds.com/vegetables/peppers.html
Hudson Valley Seeds - https://hudsonvalleyseed.com/collections/peppers
MIgardener - https://migardener.com/collections/peppers
Pueblo Seed & Food Co. - https://farmdirectseed.com/collections/ ... le-seeds-1
Refining Fire Chiles - https://www.superhotchiles.com/
Sandhill Preservation Center - https://www.sandhillpreservation.com/pepper
Sandia Seeds - https://www.sandiaseed.com/
Seedman.com - http://www.seedman.com/pepper.htm
Seed Savers Exchange - https://shop.seedsavers.org/vegetables/pepper
Seeds from Italy- https://www.growitalian.com/categories/Vegetables/Peppers/
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - https://www.southernexposure.com/categories/peppers/
The Chile Pepper Institute - https://chilepepperinstitute.ecwid.com/Seeds-c85441005
Tomato Growers Supply - https://tomatogrowers.com/pages/peppers
Totallytomato.com - https://www.totallytomato.com/category/2
Trade Winds Fruit - http://www.tradewindsfruit.com/hot-peppers/
White Hot Peppers - https://www.whitehotpeppers.com/

Non-USA Vendors

Annapolis Seeds (Canada) - https://www.annapolisseeds.com/
Atlantic Pepper Seeds (Canada) - https://pepperseeds.ca/
Greta's Organic Gardens (Canada) - https://www.seeds-organic.com/
Rareplants (Spain) - http://www.rareplants.de/
Semillas La Palma (Spain) - https://www.semillas.de/shop_en/
Solana Seeds (Canada) - https://www4.solanacom.com/welcome.html
The Hippy Seed Company (Australia) - https://thehippyseedcompany.com/
UK Chilli Seeds (UK) - https://www.ukchilliseeds.co.uk/
Vertiloom (Belgium) - https://www.vertiloom.com/en/
World of Chillies (UK) - https://www.worldofchillies.com/
Agree with Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com) being a good start. But have had good success with Sandia Seed, Seed Savers Ex, Bohica Pepper Hut and Totally tomatoes for sweet peppers and tomatoes for sure. Trying Refining Fire Chilis and Tyler Farms for the first time this coming season.
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