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issue Can anyone tell me what's wrong with these plants please

Hi folks
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with these plants please
Cheers folks


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i am guessing there are some pests that i cant see. i am thinking these plants are being eaten somehow. what i have done, i have repotted them back into smaller pots. i think i was too hasty in potting them on when the roots were not strong enough.
what do you think.
Looks like they're outside (perhaps in something hoop-house like) in the pics. What range of temperatures are they experiencing? They're awfully young for cool temps, which can exacerbate other issues, such as damping off.
they are in a polytunnel, the temps are around 65,,70 daytime. 9 or 10 C night time
With those overnight temps for sprouts, my take's this most likely results from the cool temps and perhaps some watering/moisture retention considerations. The colder temps can slow and weaken the plants, including root development, which can let the bad guys get ahead. It I don't see any indication of pests. My guess would be along the lines of what Maturo's suggesting.