business Can I sell after my food processing license expires?

So long story short, we are closing our business at the end of the year to focus on another project. My food processor license, with the department of AG, expires in Sept. But we are keeping our business license as it carries DBAs for our other businesses.
We have one more huge event in nov but I really don't want to renew the license just for that.

With that being said, could I make a large batch of sauces before my license expires and sell my sauces? Almost like I'm wholesaling my own product?
I would sell product made before license expired, as long as other business licensing are OK. I'm not an expert on licensing, just sharing my opinion. Good luck with your other ventures.
Your sauces do not expire with the license so yes you can still sell them. You might want to print a batch number or manufacturing date on them just in case anyone comes around asking... and then you can show them they were made pre-expiry of said license.