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Can this plant be saved?

Pretty sure aphids did this. As it was happening, the plant had some sort of top growth spurt and even flowered. I trimmed it (then ended up topping) but still can't decide if I should go ahead with the transplant. Is there any chance of this getting better if I were to transplant (it is root bound) and bury the affected area?
*Updated with pics as it made its way back. Caught up with it's colleagues just in time for the first harvest, currently has some nice sized ghost peppers about to ripen (was going to add a pic of that but its 1:45 A.M at the moment & too lazy to try to take one!). Once I harvest my plants maybe i'll just post a recap of my grow in the glog section.



06/18 Ended up burying the base of the stem as well after I took this pic: 


06/27 The bhuts are coming

This plant definitely had an aphid problem, they have been eliminated since! Ladybugs work great! I also sprayed with a neem/sm90 concoction. I never thought aphids could do so much damage!
The plant looks a bit sick, but should pull through just fine.
Stop chopping off leaves!  It takes a lot of energy and resources to re-grow them, something your sick plant just doesn't have.
Thanks for the response guys. Most of the leaves I trimmed were damaged, I couldn't decide if I should leave them or not, but I will definitely keep that in mind next time Geonerd. Feeling a little hopeful with this one. I'll give it a chance, curious to see what happens with this one!
Felt the need to update this post in case anyone was curious about situations like this.
Okay I lied, plants are just too inspiring for me  :drunk: