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Hi guys and gals,

Some of you may remember me. Ask around I was really active here on THP between 2014 and 2019.

This is what I need help with:
Ive created several chiliheads over the past several years. I grew peppers, I bought peppers, and mostly I dried and powdered peppers. I had powder that I would carry on a keychain to add a kick to PHO.
One of my buddies got stationed in Texas and contacted me for some seeds. He says he wants to try to grow his own heat. He has NEVER grown peppers before. Of course I quickly sent him some of my best seeds. I did tell him that its really late in the season. He said he had just bought a hydrofonic kit and wanted to do an inside grow and plant out next season. I thought id start a few seeds as well ( just for shits and giggles). Both of us now have had seeds trying to germinate ( mine on heatmatt) for about 16 days. I fear that my seeds ( all are 2013,14,15) are to old to be reliable. I really want him to succeed.
Can anyone take some pitty on an old THP "OG" and send me a few seeds? Im not picky. I just want to send my buddy a few to get him going and I aparently need a couple myself.



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Hey there, I remember you and I can send you some seeds. Let me take a look and see what I have when I get to the office tomorrow. What do you prefer? Chinense or the others or a mix?
A mix would be AWESOME.
DM sent