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Canada -> EU/UK (and beyond) seed buy

Thought I'd start my own thread so this doesn't take over Mark V's Glog.

I'll be going to the UK via Germany at the end of March in to early April, and happy to take seeds that are more difficult to find in Europe with me. I'm doing this above board, meaning that I am going to get a phytosanitary certificate for the seeds, which will cost 32 CAD/~22.15 EUR. The more people buy, of course, the lower this price will be for everyone. So far it looks like I have two interested. If you live further afield but my trip brings seeds closer to you, I can also try mailing them to you from Germany but obviously with them leaving the EU I have no guarantees that they won't be intercepted.

If you want to order something, DM me for an address and I'll happily hang on to your seeds until I leave for Europe. Here is a list of varieties available in Canada along with their growers/sellers

You'll notice that seeds.ca catalogues practically all seeds available in Canada. Of course I will take over any seeds, not just peppers.

However, seeds.ca doesn't list everyone in our community, so here are some notable absences

@Pepper Merchant - peppermerchant.net
Danger Bros - dangerbros.ca
Lucifer's House of Heat (selling sandia) lucifers.ca
Pepper Crate - superhotpeppers.ca

The American sellers are all well known so I won't bother linking them here.

Last thing, I (sadly?) will not take cannabis seeds overseas. Sorry if this dashes your hopes of having your very own gigglebush.