seed-train CANADIAN SEED TRAIN - P.R.O.J.E.C.T. 2.0

Hello, fellow Canadians!
There once was a Canadian seed train started by user marclocas. It was a very productive run for several years but, unfortunate, that train has seemed to run off the tracks. I was fortunate enough to be a part of that train and built up a collection of seeds which I would like to share.
All of that being said, let’s get this Canadian train 2.0 rollin!
Please note that this train will follow the same rules and guides as before so the majority of the following is a copy-paste.
The advantages : build up a larger and larger seed bank that we could send ''locally'' without dealing with customs and have more and more varieties of seeds available.

[SIZE=13.5pt]If you are boarding this [/SIZE][SIZE=13.5pt]train[/SIZE][SIZE=13.5pt] ONLY to receive the most free seed possible, then PLEASE exit now. THP is FULL of folks that will send you free seed. But to dead-end the [/SIZE][SIZE=13.5pt]train[/SIZE][SIZE=13.5pt], horde seed, or disappear with the package(s) altogether isn't useful to anyone. The success of the [/SIZE][SIZE=13.5pt]train[/SIZE][SIZE=13.5pt] depends on ALL its riders... and it works well![/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]Here's how it works: basically I start a box of seeds and then ship it to the next person on the list. That person then takes what they want and adds seeds themselves. then the box is shipped to the next person until it gets back to me then I send it around again so everyone gets something different and it just keeps going from there. The person that receives the box just has to pay the shipping to the next person.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]Since Round 1 is now coming soon (Early March 2016), for those of you that haven't taken part in this before, the main idea is as follows…
1) A list gets created with the Names of the forum members who joined the train[/SIZE] .
2) You receive the parcel in the mail from the previous member on the list.
3) You take some seeds from the parcel that you want.
4) You put 50% more of your spare seeds (than you take) into the parcel (labeled properly) (so if you take 100 seeds you have to put back 150 seeds).
4.5) 50% more is not absolutely necessary but the idea is to grow the seed bank, not to depreciate it. The minimum asked is to at least put back the same amount of seeds taken.
5) You message the next person in the list (PM) for their address (give them 2-3 days to respond, then move onto the next person in the list)
6) Send the parcel to the next person on the list.

1) The parcel only goes to CANADA members due to time and issues with overseas customs. [SIZE=13.5pt]And only by sending the parcel from the post office.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]2) After the parcel is sent, post the tracking number on the thread so everybody knows what's going on.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]3) Only mail delivery is accepted. Pick-ups are accepted ONLY if the parcel is given from hand to hand. No ''letting the parcel on the doorstep, next to the shoes'' will be accepted. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=13.5pt]4) ONLY CHILI SEEDS![/SIZE] (and giant fruits/veggies seeds are accepted)

[SIZE=13.5pt]5) Only take what you need, then add your spare seeds clearly labeled. (Baggies/Labels will be provided inside the Parcel for you)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]6) Please label the seeds using the following (as best you can): True Seeds or Cross?, Type of Chili, and Date of Harvest. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]7) Put all your labelled donations in ONE big Ziploc bag so when the train[/SIZE] comes back to you, you don't pick the seeds you've donated earlier. So, the main envelope will be packed with big Ziploc bags that each content what different members put in the train.

[SIZE=13.5pt]8) The last person on the list sends the parcel back to the first person (me) then we can sort out round 4 ( Round 4 will contain the remaining seeds from Round 3, minus the ones I take for my turn).[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]9) The parcel should start moving as soon as possible to get a start on this 2016’s grow. After the first round, we will do another in October to prep for 2017’s growing season. For those who are interested, the train can do another run in early 2017.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]10) ****IMPORTANT****[/SIZE] Please post in the thread when you receive the parcel and again when you send it on. That way others have an idea where it's at and this helps a quick turnaround.

[SIZE=13.5pt]11) We are looking to have the parcel received and sent back[/SIZE] out within 2 days of receiving it (48 postal hours). This will keep things moving quickly as I’m sure everyone will be anxious for their turn!
[SIZE=13.5pt]12) We will prioritize the order from west coast to east coast and back in order to minimize shipping costs. To amortize the cost of delivery of the package for the two members who send the parcel from Ontario to BC and vice versa, a voluntary contribution of 1$ to 2$ is requested from each other member. This way, it will cost more or less the same cost of delivery for all. Just a matter of being fair to all members, so no one is penalized because of its geographical location.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13.5pt]13) H[/SIZE]ave FUN !
If you wish to join,
Please post your interest in this thread.
PM me your name and address (used to create/organize the sending list) to me.
Feel free to post any ideas you may have and any addition rules I may have missed.
You will notice below a list of members who want to board the train. It has ''N/C'' beside it (NOT CONFIRMED) .As soon as you confirm with me by PM AND this thread, you will have a ''R'' for ''READY''.
If your status is still N/C at the date we start the first round, you may not pass go and go directly to jail. Nah, really, you might lose your turn for this round.
For a quick reference, here is how to package (from big to small)
     ^ LARGE RESEALABLE BAG with your user name on it
          ^ Small resealable bags
               ^ Seeds & Label with type of pepper, year it was harvested, and whether it was OP, ISO, or unknown
(OP is open pollination (most of us grow this way), ISO is an isolated grow (an environment where cross pollination is very rare), or Unknown. Basically if you grew in your yard or deck, it's likely an OP; whereas, if you grew in a hothouse with barriers between strains, you can label it as ISO).
I have also included the baggie of seeds from the last seed train I was in. Yes, they are older seeds (2013 and earlier) but everything I have tried to germinate this year (2016) has germinated 100%.
[SIZE=13.5pt]If you have any ideas or interested in this project, feel free to raise your voice![/SIZE]
[SIZE=13.5pt]List and status of current members[/SIZE] of ROUND ONE (2.1) (SUCCESS!!) - in order of Shipping!

Shandley  ( R )
[SIZE=13.5pt]Hophead ( R )[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13.5pt]blue6demon ( R )[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13.5pt]thorolygood ( R )[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13.5pt]Penny ( R )[/SIZE]
dragonsfire ( R )
Shandley  ( R )
[SIZE=13.5pt]List and status of current members[/SIZE] of ROUND 2.2 (November)
Shandley  ( R )
Welcome aboard, Hophead!
To all:
I am going to send this package out on Monday, March 7th (assuming there are no delays).
If you are interested in joining, please notify me by Sunday, March 6th at 7pm PST.
Last call for the first round before we head out on the rails! If anyone else is interested, please let me know today ASAP! :)
The train has left the west coast station!
First stop: Hophead
Here is the tracking number (as per the rules)
If anyone out there still wishes to join this round, please PM me and we'll see where we can fit you in!