greenhouse Can't find good greenhouse

I have been looking for Pop up greenhouses, but all I have been seeing are pictures of it broken and complaining people. I couldn't find a topic on this. What greenhouse do you guys recommend? Also is pop up greenhouses better than the big non transportable ones?
the big fixed ones(commercial type) cannot be compared to by the cheap so called popup type. But you are also talking about a difference of 10s of thousands of $$$ between the two.
Which type of fixed greenhouse is good for a beginner like me? And can I expand the greenhouse to a larger size?
Build your own with scraps, just buy some heavy duty foil. The cheap pop up types generally only last 2 seasons and crumble.
It's usually not the frame that dies on you. It's the foil with the green reinforced netting in it. Theoretically you could replace that with quality foil, just role it a few times and than staple it with stainless staples. But I'd opt for a used quality one instead.
look up hoophouses, they are easy to build and expand. pretty cheap.
not as flimsy as the popup crap or stuff u can get from harbor freight etc
not as expensive as the full glass / metal / poly carb greenhouses
theres lots of videos on youtube..
Epicfire said:
This looks good! Thanks
Is anyone here selling hoop houses?
you build them from parts found locally usually because it costs so much to ship..
you don't need to make another topic XD you're doing it again