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Capitone's 2011 Grow: North Carolina

Season's not looking too shabby thus far. Really impressed with the Fatalii. Trini Perfume is on my "I dunno" list but too fair, I've only tried one early setting pod thus far so we'll see. Now for the pics





Foodarama Scotch Bonnet- My 2nd best plant thus far, which is funny cause it started out as the best growing but the fatalii's set more fruit after overcoming aphids. It's picking up the pod production since being moved to a spot that doesn't get as much sun.


The pods that have been setting lately are pretty big.


TFM Scotch Bonnet (gifted by MiPepperguy)- Can't wait to try this bad boy. There's a pot of curry chicken calling it's name!

Red Scorpion - Super slow to pop, but has been doing great since breaking the surface. The only plant without a pod on it yet but it certainly is making up for that with pretty good growth!


Red 7pot (gifted by MiPepperguy)- The pods on this plant bulk up really fast. They seemed to reach a good size pretty quick after pollination. One of my Thirstier Plants.



Trinidad Perfume - sprouted loads of flowers but very few pods thus far. Likes lots of water.


Lemon Drop (Gifted by RedtailForester)- Pretty hardy plant. Survived being knocked over and almost up rooted. Can't wait for these to ripen!


Bih Jolokia (gifted by MiPepperguy)- Surprising output considering the size pot I placed it in. Pretty low maintenance too thus far.

Thanks Everyone! This is the most plants I've grown in a season so I was a little apprehensive at 1st on how/if I'd be able to tend to them correctly (especially in pots) but thus far it really hasn't been too much extra.

Napalm - Thanks, I heard people mention that ripe pods on a Fatalii plant have an almost "glow" to them. I can sort of see this in that I must say the color in person is rather striking. The same can probably be said for any yellow/orange variety but this is the only color other red that I've grown, so I don't know. I do know that it's makes for a very pretty plant.

Mcdermott - Yeah! These things are a good size too. The shape also lends much credence to the theory that 7pots and scorpions are closely related. Had I not labeled each pot as I planted them, I'd of sworn that I mixed something up! Can't wait to try this one too.
Hi Fummerlin, all of these are early starts. The majority were started in January, but two I started even earlier than that, so I got quite the jumpstart this year. What side of NC are you in? I tracked the early stages of these plants in another thread so if you want more details check this link out:


Dotcom - Yes sir...I ponder now, even as they ripen, that it may even be too much heat! I really don't see me having too many uses for the supers, at least not too often with the kids and wife, but I still wanted to see what they were about 1st hand. That said, I see myself giving more away than I actually use, but ya never know...either way Im just excited to be able to try em this season!
Hey Capitone, thanks for the bump. You indeed have a first class bunch of peppers growing this year! It’s kind of neat to see some of last years plants “progeny” growing. Glad they are working out for you.

I agree with your observation on the Fatalli’s. I had several yellows last year and I noticed an iridescence (glow) from the ripe pods, a very attractive plant in the garden as well as a prolific producer. A made up a mandarin orange, fatalli hot sauce (kind of a Caribbean thing) that was pretty tasty.

I still have bags of superhots in the freezer left over from last year. I pretty much use them for making up sauce every now and then. I have a nephew that has acquired the taste for the “capsicum burn”. He’s always telling me my sauce isn’t hot enough, “wimpy” to be exact. Last weekend, I made up one with appx. 20 Trinidad Douglah’s, 20 Jamaican hot Chocolates and 8 Bhut Jolokia’s thrown in for taste. Absolutely insanely wickedly hot but also kind of tasty. Hopefully, this one will bring him down.

The point of this is if you grow them, you will eventually find a use for them. The neat thing about this pepper growing thing is talking with people about what you have growing in your pots / garden and they do not know what the hell you’re talking about. The enjoyment comes from growing rather unique plants and talking with people about all the varieties that one has growing (my wife says to ad nausem). And I’m a rank amateur compared too many posting here.

I’ll be interested on hearing your take on the S.B.’s once you harvested a few. Perhaps compare notes on seeds (if you’re saving them) from this year crop.
Madhat - Thanks! Now you know I gotta look up "brain strain" right? Sigh...Here we go again.... :]

MiPepper - I'm sure your nephew's pleased to have an uncle who's into peppers....though your latest concoction might change his opinion of you, lol. Let us know how that turns out, sounds like molten lava to me, but to each his own :].

I'll be taking notes on all of my plants, so it'd be no problem to share what I discover with the TFM. I've already arranged a face to face this weekend with the one ripe pod on it. lol
Responding to Madhat's post from above:
The seeds were supplied by Chris Phillips (cmp1974) last year. He's one of the experts on THP. He labeled them to me as I to you. My belief is that if they were "brain strain", he would have labeled them as such. Chris appears to be very meticulous about his nomenclature. FWIW. They were a close second to the douglahs for hottest in the patch last year, both significantly hotter than the Jolokias IMHO.
Your plants look spectacular! I'm also in NC, just about 30 mins south of Raleigh. My plants are not nearly as large and productive as yours. Pretty jealous.
Hey there Ianv. Thanks Man. Curious to know when did you start yours? Are they in the ground or pots? I started all of mine early, so that may be why. A good head start goes a long ways!
Good to see a fellow chile head in Raleigh...

You may have inspired me to throw some pics up showing my current season's plants. If you ever want to trade some seeds or pods, lemme know. I wouldn't mind trying out some foodarama scotch bonnets since I've heard a lot of good things about them on THP.

Great looking plants.

Lou should love the lemon drops. Once they ripen and turn yellow, they really do have a citrus flavor!