event Cap'n Bones and Chili Man take home some hardware!

Somewhre in an open field in Franklin Indiana a hot sauce contest was held. The 1st annual Open Fields Hot Sauce Contest (1st annual because for the first time it involved both amatuers like me along with commercial makers like Cap'n Bones).

So how did the THP kids fare?

Chili Man sent two sauces: The naughty Kitty sweet hot sauce and God's Gift to BBQ (though there was no BBQ catagory, I entered it in the "open" area)

Chili Man 1st place Sweet Hot!!!!! (Go Me!):cool:

But the real "bang for your buck" results are for the Cap'n:

In the pro division: Cape Fear Pepper Company Red Savina Hot Sauce 2nd Place!!! Nestled snuggly between two of CaJohns sauces! AND

Cape Fear Pepper Company Smoldering Chipotle mild sauce 1ST PLACE!!!! Beating out (are you ready for this....BLAIR and CaJohn!!!!!! :rolleyes:

Congrats to the Cap, you have slain the giants! ;)
Congrats Capt'n!

I look at it this way...first place hot was Naga Saurus, so that means the Capt'n has the best Red Savina sauce, so it's still first place.
Thanks!!!! Congrats to you as well Vic.
I need to get my claws on yer products. I'd like to try some...You coming to the beach anytime soon?
It was a shocker when I received word of the contest results. It's been almost 4yrs of walkin a fine line in keeping the Red Savina recipe basic, but different than the others. I finally feel that maybe I have it right. :think:
Hey Cap,

I unfortunately have no immediate plans on getting to your area any time soon. I would be glad to send a bottle if you would like. I have had a couple of orders from cart customers so am about to make a new batch. PM or e-mail me your address.

Congrats again, way to play in the big boys playground!