capsaicin Capsaicinoids %'s and various pepper strains

So after 3 years of growing all sorts of varieties of hot chillies I have noticed some interesting differences in the burn you experence.

Peppers like the Scotch Bonnet have a burn that kinda at first goes "bang" but then takes a bit to fully heat up. Then stays with you a while and wears off but your left with after effects that last for a hour or 2. Long Red Slim's have this immd punch, then a fairly short lived initial burn, but then a much longer in-your-chest burn... This list oges on with each pepper strain seeming to have its own varaitions. But big groups of strains having a similar effect...

So I was thinking about this and im guessing that various Capsaicinoids have various perceived effects ? The percentage of each one determines the differences im experiencing ?

Does anyone know of any research or anything on how the Capsaicinoids %'s vary from strain to strain of chilli ?

With all that in mind, you gotta wonder if certain conditions produce variations in these distributions of the Capsaicinoid %'s..

For me, to get the best burn you gotta mix peppers, or follow one kind with another to get the best effects... And man ther is nothing quite as good as doing that standing out there with the plants just picking them chomping right there :)

Here in Phoenix, temps have finally cooled down for the record 110+ and all my pepper plants are just going crazy with fruit. Its gonna stay 70+ in the day now for a while and 50's at night and the peppers seem to love it. Well I thought they were cooked for sure after the record 110+ number of days this year...