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Caribbean Red chile facts

There are millions if not billions or googlezillions of genetic mutations and crosses with peppers but there are not millions of user friendly names.

So the real issue is how many genetic markers do you want to consider, that have to be the same as some other pepper we arbitrarily call a certain name? The point is, pepper names like "Caribbean Red" are far too oversimplified to really mean anything, just a starting point.

Is a Caribbean Red a habanero? I'm going to guess it has more in common with some types of habaneros, than that type of habanero has in common with other types of habaneros. Frankly I don't think any pepper is really a habanero as the name covers too many different plants and fruit even when it is a name applied correctly by the consensus of people experienced in hot peppers.
I grew CR's last year, and still have some frozen. They're amazing peppers, hot, and have a nice smokey flavor!! I love em! and they're much different from a red hab mainly in the flavor aspect IMO
Wow, my Caribbean Red pods are tiny compared to the ones in the pictures here! I guess it's the bad weather that does it.

I think it's time to move somewhere warmer...
I travel mostly in the Bajio but have traveled in the rest of Méjico and have only seen habañeros in mercados in the Yucutan peninsula. I never see superhots.

It is also my opinion that all habañeros are cap chinense
All cap chinense are not habañeros

Habañero means from Havana just like Xalapeño is from Xalapa and etc.

From a ciudad Guanajuato mercado, again, [background=rgb(255, 250, 242)]poblanos, dried arboles, manzanos, Xalapas and serranos.[/background]


Speaking from my current experience...they are VERY prolific. I have 4-5 plants...can't even tell anymore...and a few hundred pods on them, total. Some are the size of a plum.