Carolina Reaper wild duck prosciutto

Friend ave me a few duck breast from an earlier harvest. Time to make a little duck prosciutto.
421g of duck breasts
Kosher salt
Sugar in the raw
Cure #1
Black pepper
Juniper berries
1 dried Carolina reaper
All the spices, salts and sugar into the Ninja bullet for a pulse
Duck breast spread out over clean parchment paper 

Evenly ocat with the spice/salt mixture

Put in a heavy zip top bag or a vacuum bag. Remove 80% of the air and seal. and refrigerate. You want a little air space around the meats. 

Refrigerate and every day  (4 to 7 days) flip the meats over and swish the accumulated juice around the meats to redistribute the cure.
After the cure the meats are rinsed, dried and weighed. Next place a sprig of fresh rosemary or other favorite herbs /spices against the meat and roll in a cocoon of cheese cloth and truss. 
Tag the individually meats with the weight before and after trussing to get the tare weight of the meat. This is critical to be able to tell when the meat is ready for consumption. When the meat loses 35% of it original weight it ready so you have to account for the weight of the cheese cloth. In larger cuts of meat this is not an issue but when.
Example a 100g piece of meat with 15g of cheese cloths will be ready to eat when the entire bundle weighs 80g
35% of 100g = 65g + 15g for the cheesecloth = total weight of 80g.