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Cheers to FarmerGuy

Got my box of peppers sent from FarmerGuy, and have downed a rather sizeable Fatalli, a JUMBO chocolate hab (which was OFF THE CHAINS DELICIOUS) and half each of a Mouruga Scorpion, and Bih Jolokia. And am now feeling quite mellow.

It was my first Fatalii, first Chocolate Hab, first Bih, and my first Mouruga.

The Fatalii was absolutely delicious. Great taste, and a medium burn, but the flavor was exceptional.

The Chocolate Hab is I think now my new favorite. Unbelievable fruitiness. Tons of citrus with a really interesting heat profile. I will be chasing those forever.

The Bih was delicious as well, but I knew what to expect from those. Been a Bhut head, and Morich addict for some time now.

The Mouruga was an adventure. I only ate half, because I was full up, and didn't want stomach problems later.
Nice fruity flavor, and a GREAT burn. (Actually more than a burn. Think along the lines of licking a molten porcupine.) I can't wait to use them in some home made salsa for some fish tacos, though I probably won't have much company around here to enjoy it with. That's okay. More for me:D

Thanks again FarmerGuy! You da man!