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It appears we don't have a thread for general chicken related cooks. Show us your chickens! 
Made a spur of the minute decision today get some half-price wings, but ofcourse the supermarket was out of stock, which seems to be a favourite pastime of shops here  :rolleyes:  So settled on drumsticks. My firelighters disappeared, so tried to get the coals going with dried up eucalyptus leaves and twigs and oil-soaked newspaper. None of this stuff would catch fire to save its friggin life and my gas match died right in its ass so had to go to the shops to get some firelighters. Also looks like the rest of my charcoal is shitty tiny pieces, might have to throw it out and try a different brand.  :banghead:
Geez, charcoal burns hot and is ready much quicker than briquettes. Had to nearly close off all the vents to get the temp down to a sane level lol 
And when I closed off the vents at the end, the charcoal completely died out within minutes, unlike briquettes which still generate heat hours after shutdown! 






Love the color and nice "extra crispy" parts on the skin. I hate underdone chicken skin but it can be challenging to get it right and still be moist inside.
Chinese 3 Cup Chicken aka San Bei Ji. I chose to make mine on the grill rather than stirfry and then simmer. Grilled then simmered on the grill sounded tasty and HOLY Sheep dip it was good. This is similar to Chinese BBQ without the 5 spice and lots of sesame oil although i went much lighter on the oil. Dominant flavors are more garlic, ginger and some hot peppers. I just used flakes and hot oil.


Its nearly stupid simply to make too. Just marinate the chicken for a few hours in the typical 3 cup sauce....Dark soy, Chinese cooking wine and sesame oil. Season with sugar, ginger, pepper powder and garlic to taste. Save some of the marinade to simmer it in after grilling and a little for basting. I added about a tbs of Hoisin to the marinade i reserved for basting..
For more authentic chop the chicken into pieces and mix it with green onion and Thai sweet basil. Dont add the basil until almost ready to serve. I ran out of green onion and my basil plants are still too small. :D