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plant Chiltepins??

I have 3 Amazon Chiltepins that look like this. Not at all like my real Chilitepins.

Just a quick up date.
I found a few reddish peppers down low on the plant & had to try one.

Yea I know it has to be a bastardized Thai hot or sumpin. So I put it in me mouth & chewed it.

Sweet fruity & where's the spice? Seeds and all it was a spice let down, yet it does taste pretty good. :P
Don't buy seeds from Amazon, eBay and similar places mate, stick to well known and trusted sellers or even better, trade with another THP member ;)

I was desperate to find some real Chiltepins before it was to late this spring.
After I got them the seeds were too large to be chiltepins but they got planted out of curiosity.

I'm still looking for old Mexican Heirloom peppers however I won't be looking on Amazon.

The real deal in a pot. To be continued.



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I got Chiltepins from Seeds-n-Such and they're fine. I've heard of other people having problems with them not getting things right but never been a problem for me. My other reliable sources are pretty consistently sold out lately.
Rather than start a new thread, I think this is the right thread to ask.

Have you ever seen an upside down Pequin bush?
Same batch of seeds, exact in every way, except for the way the peppers are arranged.


Out of 5 , 3 inground & 2 in pots this is the one with hanging peppers.
Below is the other Pequin with up right peppers.