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spirits Chipotle infused tequila - great in a margarita

I like to get a decent bottle of tequila - something like El Jimador, in the $20 range and 1000x better than Jose Cuervo - and put a couple dried chipotle peppers in the bottle (it helps to put the tequila and dried pods in a jug that's a little bigger). Let sit as long as you like, but I recommend tasting every 24 hours as it picks up heat very quickly. Don't use the chipotles in adobo, I think that would be really gross.

I've only done this with chipotles because I've never grown peppers before, but by the end of the summer I hope to have some smoked chocolate bhutlahs to make a few bottles with.

Then, use about equal parts fresh squeezed lime juice and tequila, plus agave nectar to sweeten as desired. A good place to start is 1/4 cup tequila, 1/4 cup lime juice, and 1 tablespoon agave per margarita. Serve on the rocks with a salted rim (salt can be mixed with a chili powder as well for extra kick).

The mix of cold drink and fresh lime juice with some heat is really nice, and the smoked flavor adds a ton of depth. Can be garnished with a bit of cilantro or a thin sliced red pepper in the drink if you want to get fancy on the presentation.

Happy drinking!
I like your idea of the smokiness in Tequila! And totally agree with you about JC.
It sucks.
I won't drink it.
You can't make me.
But I may try your recipe this summer. It sounds delicious.
Here's one for you:
Slice 2 fresh Jalape├▒os into ┬╝" slices and add to a full 5th of EJ. Keep it in the fridge for a minimum of 5 days.
Jalape├▒o Lemonade Cocktail:
2 cups jalape├▒o-infused Tequila.
1 cup fresh lemon juice
1 cup simple syrup
2 cups water
Jalape├▒o and lemon zest to garnish
Add to a shaker with ice and shake well.
Pour over ice, garnish.
I made a vodka infused with home grown and dried carolina reapers last summer, assuming it would make some fiery bloody mary's. After 2 weeks infusing I made myself a bloody mary, and upon first drink, it felt like I had ingested liquid magma. I could feel it going all the way down my esophagus, and into my stomach. I didn't want to waste the drink, so I quickly slammed it, then curled up in the foetal position for 45 minutes or so on my couch with cramps, because it ripped up my stomach so bad. Needless to say, I never touched that vodka again, unless I was pouring shots for daredevils that thought they could handle the heat. The moral of that story is that you should never, ever infuse spirits with super hots, despite what your inner chile head tells you. Trust me, it hurts!!!
Slice up some fresh limes,smoke then dry them(for infusion)
A local beer tender uses them in all sorts of great drinks,his Rita's are kick ass!