Chocolate 7 pot peppers

Dose any one know were i can get any chocolate - 7pot peppers at or any mourga scorpion or trinidad peppers at. Please let me know.
Makin' another jumbo batch o' sauce, Phil? Good luck finding Douglah peppers fresh this time of year in the States, not gonna be many, if any, who would be able to supply you in April. I would recommend getting into growing chilies so you don't have to search all the time for exotic types. It takes a little investment to start, but once you've got the groundwork all taken care of, it is much easier to get ahold of exotic or rarer types any time of the year (if you have a little space for a grow room in your house :) )

Anyway, good luck tracking them down :D
Hey Dale ! Thank you so much for the quick deleivery ! I was unable to get into them right away as I had to go out of town. I took a look at them today... they look / smell fantastic ! I will give a full report tonight !
Dose any one know were i can get some Mourga Scorpion or Trinidad Scorpion peppers at ? I would like to get dried peppers but will take fresh if i can get them.Please let me know. :fire:
still a little early. I know Bakers Peppers is about to be holding auctions for fresh Pods. Other then might have a hard time this early in the season
Phil, perhaps it would be more sensible to edit the heading of your other thread on this. I remember last fall when you were starting a bunch of threads looking for peppers, and being reprimanded for it. You just posted another thread looking for peppers 4 days ago. You could have eliminated double threads by simply putting all peppers you were looking for into the heading of the original thread, then adding posts periodically to keep the topic near the top of the Marketplace section so people could see it.

Here is your other thread from this year:

I understand that you need peppers, just don't want you to get in trouble, nor have the Marketplace clogged up with a bazillion redundant threads about the same thing.