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chinense Chocolate Bhut x Yellow 7-pot - really hot and painful!

Thanks go to Darthpepper and Randkev07 for sending this fantastic and imposing pod to me. I freely admit I was very intimidated by it!
The chocolate/brown phenotype of the Chocolate Bhut jolokia x Yellow 7-pot cross. This is the same cross that produced the Madballz 7, but this specific pod did not come from that cross. Seeds were from a Chris Phillips pod from last fall. This was F5.
Without any doubt at all, this was the best tasting brown pod I`ve ever had. It maintained the sweetness, fruitiness and acidity of the Yellow 7-pot, but picked up the richness and brown pod flavour from the Bhut. An absolutely delicious mix of flavors.
The heat was apparent right away, but not enough to kill the flavours. After about 30 seconds it hit me like a falling asteroid. Hot and painful with more heat and extra pain!