capsaicin Cleaning capsaicin off of objects.

Back in the old days I used to rubbing alcohol to clean resin out of my pipes and bongs. It worked like a charm. I could take an old smoking piece and make it look brand new. Well, today I decided to experiment and see if it would work with capsaicin also. It worked perfectly!!!
I cleaned four metal knives and one dinner plate with rubbing alcohol. In order to determine if any hot stuff was left on the objects I used the scientific method of licking them to determine if there is any heat left. There was none. I then had my wife test them also. Her tolerance of heat is way lower than mine. Still nothing. As a final test I also rubbed one of my pods on my pinky finger. I then cleaned it with alcohol. No heat at all was detectable. 
I knew it worked on resin we used to clean our scissor after trimming in the old days with alcohol but never tried it for capsaicin good to know.
I second the auto pumice soaps. I use orange gojo.
It also works great on arms & hands *after* cleaning my firearms *after* shooting them...
I just use a kitchen soap designed for cutting oils. Hand soap won't work but dish soap does a much better job.
I use it for cleaning by hands after firearm shooting too, but the guns don't get cleaned unless they get really dirty.