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Cloning lemon trees

My parents recently sold their house which had a phenomenal Meyer lemon tree. This thing was about 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide and produced hundreds of delicious lemons each year.

I took 8 cuttings, dipped them in rooting hormone, and stick them in rock wool cubes in a humidity dome. This was about a month ago.

They are all still alive and a few show new growth, which is supposed to be a good sign. I was going to wait until roots came out the bottom of the cubes before transplanting (and have been providing VERY weak fertilizer occasionally).

However after a month I feel they should be further along. Has anyone cloned citrus and have any advice that I can use?
karoo said:
Citrus trees are usually grafted on to a different, disease resistant,root stock.
 You will do much better grafting those cuttings onto a existing citrus tree , with a strong root system.
Unfortunately I don't have an established citrus tree to graft it onto...
Buy a potted tree from a nursery, or check if a nursery will sell you a rootstock plant?
We're trying to help, not trying to dissuade you from saving the plant. Outdoors, especially in CA, it is unlikely to survive without being grafted.