Closed! - One pack of mixed hot/super hot peppers seeds to give away, or maybe 2 or 3

Here is the why of the mixed baggie of peppers seeds. Seems every time I'm counting out seeds or bagging seeds which have finished drying, whatever, I find a seed or three on the floor. I can't say for sure which variety it came from, so they go into a little baggie. There are now 18 seeds in the baggie. I'm pretty sure there is a least one Carolina Reaper seed, 7 Pod White and who knows what else. Maybe three seeds of one variety, max - wait, I just remembered, I have some seeds where my dogs knocked them down from where I had them drying and I lost the label. Two different varieties there, so there will be more of those seeds when I add them to the mix. Oh, I have two dried pods in the kitchen window that I can't remember what they are so they will get added as well. Well, maybe I'll do a 2nd pack. Hmmm. I'll have to think about it with a shot of Bushmill's.
I'll even put in a few more seeds from different varieties to "bulk up" the baggie.
The details. Since I can't tell you what is in there, this should go to a newbie who wants to try an assortment and doesn't care that they can't get a name for the pepper. So a member here for less than 6 months with under 50 posts who can give me the best story as to why they should be the winner. Be creative. B.S might work for you.
I'll be the finally judge, but likes of posts will be taken into account. Arguments from other members in favor of a newbie, will be taken into account as well. If I end up with enough seeds to create a 2nd and or 3rd place, they will be awarded as well.
This is open to any member meeting the under 6 months less than 50 posts, regardless of where in the world they live. I'll mail for free, but I make no guarantees that they will get there.
Contest closes at 9 pm PST Sunday, January 11th 2015. I'll mail the seeds out on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015.
I hope this meets with your approval. If not, well, TUFF STUFF!
Mods, if I placed this in the wrong forum, please be kind and move it to the correct one. Thank you so much.
Finally, you are all champs. Give yourselfs a big hand!
Might as well try it since I am a n00b...

Why I should be the winner... A classic story of addiction and romance.
By ThePeppperTrent

Once upon a time TPT decided that he wanted to grow peppers. Now, TPT had grown all sorts of boring peppers that couldn't make a fly cry. He had never grown a superhot in his life, until one day... Well many months had past, and his plants were doing well. He now considers himself almighty powerful pepper person thingy... Long story short he fell in love and is now addicted to every pepper that makes you want to barf when you eat it. He'd also make a winner if he so happened to find a contest where he could win some cool stuff.
The End.

Joking aside good luck to everyone who participates... Thank you Orekoc for making such a generous offer!

Really, I thought there might be a bit more interest. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Anyone? Anyone? Buhler?


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I'll advocate for TPT.  Been here only about a month and is open and eager to try new things. 
Just the opportu ity I've been waiting for! I've been torturing my taste buds for as long as I can remember, searching for the holy grail of heat. Once I found the ghost, I made it my mission to find one to grow. Then I learned of all the ghost killers out there. I started out growing jalas and other friendly types to make sure I could keep a plant healthy enough to produce, then this year I planted a moruga and a ghost scorpion. They both put out great first year numbers. Now thanks to all the help from you fine fellow heat seekers, I've learned not only how to keep them healthy, but also what to do with the produce. I've made powders, flakes, jerky and stews with my peppers, and now I crave more. If it's got heat and/or flavor, I want to grow it. I've never grown straight from seed So that's the next challenge I want to take on. Anyway just thought I'd throw my hat in the ring, fingers crossed!
Hey. I have been trying to grow peppers for almost three years now but have not been successful yet so I am still a noob.

First time I tried jalepenos and habaneros in containers. They were growing good untill my daughter was born in June. She spent 3 weeks In the hospital nicu and my plants got neglected and died.

I tried again last summer but I had to move in the middle of the growing season. I tried to transplant some of the plants to my new home but they did not survive...

Maybe third try is the charm?
I would love to get some variety of seeds to grow!
Looks like three winners!
So these people need to PM me their address:
PepperTrent  - well, he already did, in case he won.
I'll get the seeds out in tomorrow's mail.