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CMPMAN1974's 2010 Growing Log

Well, I created a different thread, but I can't find it. It was in the wrong section anyways so I'm starting over.

The season is on. Here's a peek into early activity. It's no AJ set-up, but....




I tasted it tonight. I'm shocked how good it was. Major heat and good flavor. It's a huge producer too. The best part is there are very few seeds in the pods so they'd make a pretty pure powder w/o extracting them. I question the Frutescens designation, but whatever it is, I like it.


Great photos as usual. The Black Naga looks a lot like the Chocolate Bhut, both look tasty. I'm really interested in the CGN 22184, have you tasted it yet? Is the plant easy to grow?
When I saw your comment about chocolate and then the first 7 Pod Primo picture, I thought how cool would it be to dip those primo's in chocolate like strawberries. Might be good... might have to try it with a red seven Buddy just sent me.... hummmmm
I'm starting to get tired of picking peppers honestly. Grabbed 15-20 lbs about 4 days ago and came back to more yet today...Starting to rip plants out because it's too much to handle. lol. I'm thankful for the good year. :) It's been one of the best I can recall and 50+ sq ft of growing area didn't even produce much (Pubescens). Though they are absolutely loaded with green pods now that will never ripen. Too little too late.


Nice harvests. I must have missed your chocolate posting. That makes me more jealous than anything. Tried to grow three different types of them this year and only got runt Jamaican Hot Chocolates. I hear you on the pepper fatigue, if one of my plants even looks at me funny, I'm making pepper compost. Had a great season over here too, thanks in no small part to your seeds. It's great to see all the bird chilies and wilds you're growing, hope you'll report back your favorites.
Damn that's a lot of heat.

Your Jonah's have kind of a "Naga" look to them Chris. You plant any Naga Morich or Dorset Naga's?
I just looked thru the entire batch of pictures again, going I just have to grow that one and this one is neat. Drooling, visions of salsas and hot sauces in my head. I'm going to have to pick your brains on growing the wilds I have a few, about 5 seeds each. After seeing the pictures you definitely can grow them. Now I have to go check my seed list to see what I have. Thanks for putting up such great pics to keep us fired up.