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colour temp vs wattage

I'm trying to figure what is the best globe for my grow box. It is very small and can fit about 6 baby plants. It is for bringing on the freshly germinated seedlings until they are ready to go outside into the greenhouse.

I have one cfl globe socket.
I have a small standard 11w (60w old style) globe. It says it is 6500K cool daylight 600 lumens 54 lm/W.
I also have a 28w (140w) globe which is larger. It says Natural 5000K. No other info on the box.

I'm not worried about heat becuse I'm about to install a fan controlled by a thermostat for cooling. I'm also not worried about the power bills, I only care about what is best for growing the plants.

Anyone know which globe is better?
Blue spectrum (6500k) is best for seedling/vegging stage but with 28w you'll get a lot more lumens for sure and some red that never hurts. Go with the 28w.


Thanks for the answer but I managed to move things around and expand my grow box by about four times :dance:

So I'll use the 28w one for now and as soon as I can get to the hardware store I'll put in a few more fittings. Then I will be able to start a crapload more seeds. :dance:
Why not put the newly germinated seedlings in the GH to start with? It won't hurt them - I did about half of mine that way. Saves money, creates stronger plants, helps them grow quicker.

you can screw a Y fitting into that one socket if that helps....like 2$