Consider adding 3rd subforum to "Growing Hot Peppers"

It was brought up in the 2017 Growdown Throwdown thread that it might be easier to organize regional/specific growing competitions if there was a subforum for that.

Mentioned here
While it certainly works to leave them in the Glogs subforum, it might end up cluttering it up if more than a few competitions are running. I suppose the spirit of Glogs is just one person documenting their specific growing experience with others interacting. Competitions are usually less about documenting progress and more about playful banter followed by results (or putting your peppers where your mouth is!).
There was some interest in having different growing competitions for different climates or more specific rules and it would be easier to find /archive these within a new subforum.
So, if it's reasonably easy to do so, would you please consider adding a "Growing Competitions" subforum (or similar)?
Thank you for your time,
I understand there has been a bit of an issue with some food related competitions in sportsmanship when the results were announced. There might be hesitation in making a section specifically for competition because it could provide an environment that enables similar behavior. It could be noted that these are purely "on your honor" and to be good-natured competitions; there won't be any recognition for success or failure. Also we'll try to be good, promise!