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fermenting Corainder Twist (fermented Jalepeno)


I had Jalapeno fermenting for 6 months, so it was time to do something with it.
I sadly forgot to take pictures during the sauce making process but here is the end result.
- 250gr of fermented Jalepeno
- 130gr of fresh Jalepeno
- 100gr of regular yellow pepper
- 1 spoon of Sichuan pepper
- 3 spoon of coriander seed
- 40cl of white vinegar and 10cl of cider vinegar (apple vinegar basically)

And everything sterilized before processing (jar + spoon etc)
Sauce was bring to simmer to ensure the fermentation to not restart even if I didn't add sugar (I always simmer my sauce before bottling anyway).
PH is 3.7 so it should be safe.

Last time I make this recipe, PH level was 3.9.

For bottling I used regular jam bottle this time. With the same technique for jam ... sterilized them put your sauce inside while still hot and put the jar on the cap for about 10 minutes. Then it's ready for storage. Not the best conditioning method for sauce but as I did 10 jar of rhubarb jam today , I was like, let's try this conditioning (first time experiment for sauce, I'm curios if it will last long or not and anyway this sauce will be eaten in the next 3-4 months).

What it taste? Coriander! You first get the taste of the spice mix (sichuan pepper + coriander), coriander takes the floor and the you got a small kick from Jalapeno's heat. Not an exceptional sauce, but still one I enjoy (because coriander is lovely!).

Next time, I will come with a more fruity recipe with my Fatalii fermented pepper.

Now it's time to relax and enjoy homemade ginger beer as well.


Sounds good.  I'll be waiting for your fatalii recipe.  I made a couple of batches of fatalii sauce myself.  One was with fermented fatalii's and the other was made from dried fatalii powder.  I used coriander and cumin together in a batch and it has been good.  We use it around here almost everyday.  I especially like it on scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Starts my day with a sniff!