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Corona shopping

Since ive been avoiding my specialty markets as much as possible during "the rona" ive run out of cheaper options. You just cant get "ok" quality powdas for a good price at our Grocery stores and Costco dont have regular paprika. Its all smoked. Amazon wanted like 3 times the price for Sadaf and the other brand of Aleppo pepper. I normally get those at the specialty market.
Both are sorta salty so i use them more like salt/black pepper. Love the stuff on eggs. Even the Aleppo i grew tasted salty to me. Nothing bad just far more noticeable than any other pepper ive grown. So off to Amazon i went and found this..........
Not too bad for $6 a bag. Not a great Aleppo pepper flake but i could not believe the listed sodium on the package when i got it.....Sure enough it dont taste salty either. I would rate it on the milder end for Aleppo. Heat comes on slow. I thought their Aji Panca powder was pretty good so what the heck.


This aint no good Hungary origin paprika but i would not be using the good stuff for my chilli, bean or taco blends either. It is however way way cheaper than a tiny ass bottle at the local store and about the same price as a big bottle at the specialty market. Pops loves my no salt added spice blends so i have to make them all the time. Only Williams and MrsDash are available to him locally.


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Check out the spice house,

I have seen them recommended by a few chefs and cookbook authors.

Free shipping with minimum order right now.

Alton Brown specifically mentioned their Aleppo powder as being good in on an episode of quarantine kitchen recently.


They ship to Canada free too so I am actually compiling a list for an order soon .


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The Spice House is a Chicago institution and an excellent resource for all things flavor.  My favorites:
Lake Shore Drive blend
Salt Free Adobo spice
Vulcan Fire Salt
King Creole blend
They've got 5 or 6 different kinds of paprika and they will discount large quantities.  They also wholesale if any of you have a FEIN.
Biggest problem is i got to have nutritional info on labels. Sodium, phosphorous, potassium and calcium. Sodium being the only relevant one on spices. Most pepper powders have no salt added. Several from the middle east do though. Such as urfa/isot biber, a fair amount of Aleppo and Korean gochugaru also. The sodium difference in my good Korean origin flakes and Chinese origin is huge. So is the price difference. $16+/lb vs $8/kilo so my kimchi gets the cheap Assi brand stuff. Gunna salt the hell out of it anyway.
Spicesinc has a huge selection of no salt added spice blends and powders. MySpiceSage has some also. I was mainly shocked the Burma Spice actually had the label and didnt taste salty at all. I rather like the salt when using it on eggs though. The Sadaf Aleppo is definitely salty to the taste even if the label dont list salt.
Burma Spice claims their Aleppo comes from Turkey in a town about 1hr away from Aleppo Syria.

Our Aleppo Pepper
Before the war in Syria, most Aleppo pepper came from the agricultural area near Aleppo.  Authentic Aleppo pepper is now hard to come by.  Since Aleppo pepper has become one of our kitchen favorites, we’ve worked hard to find a source for this authentic and flavorful product.  Our grower is outside of the town of Gaziantep, Turkey, about an hour away from Aleppo.  They have the best Aleppo pepper we’ve been able to find anywhere.
I used some on a piece of cast iron seared sirloin the other day....VERY tasty it was too. A little fat, salt and heat brought out the flavor. SHU is for sure on the lower end for Aleppo flake. Both Sadaf and Sahadi have more zip but i refuse to pay what they want for them on Amazon. The Burna Spice should be good for making a Turkish baharat seasoning with just a tiny bit of heat.