Coyote Zan White - when is it ripe?

So, I'm growing a few white varieties this year, and it seems a lot of what I've read about ripens to different shades of white.
Anyone have experience with different white pods.
My Coyote Zan Whites were looking ripe, but I'm thinking they'll get a little whiter.  This pic was taken 4 days ago, so they seem to be slightly paler, but its hard to tell...and I already ate that one on the bottom.

But I'm about to have a few dozen of these things to deal with.
and what's with the name?  I know I read somewhere that it was being called Coyote Zannia/Zanna White.  And Zanna means fang in Italian.  It's funny to think about varieties like this getting passed all around and names getting changed slightly.
Also, off the top of my head, I think I'm just growing 2 other white peppers:  7-Pot White, and Snow White.
Thegreenchilemonster said:
The big pile of white peppers, middle row second pile from the left are coyote zan white. They are ripe once they reach that color.

Damn...that's a pretty table full of peppers