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I actually like the Watermelon Dorado, even when I didn't figure to ...
In part because of it's strength, no doubt ...
It's a mighty-quaff-able double-digit, even if the flavor is a bit artificial ...
I probably just like the effect ...
Here's my lineup for the week.
Are ya nerdy enough to get it?!
Thegreenchilemonster said:
What's up with that hadouken? Do they have a shoryuken? That was always my favorite move on SF2. I could imagine a beer having a shoryuken of hops.
It got better as I was drinking it, was quite bitter up front and sorta mellowed out. I dunno if they have a Shoryuken.
Here`s one that worked far better than I thought it would. I`m not a huge fan of brown ales, but I guess the "imperial" style gives it some oomph. The base brown ale had deep, rich brown sugar, toffee and slight chocolate notes in addition to a big bruising malt backbone, plus it was more hoppy than I`d expect. Lots of bourbon, vanilla and oak in this one and it felt appreciably more boozy than 9.8%  :drunk:

I had a good Green Flash brew the other day, so I decided to give this one a shot. The aroma of it is absolutely fantastic, but I've had much better tasting IPAs. With so many better options out there, I probably won't be buying this one again.


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I tend to like most Green Flash offerings, but I agree with Grant about the Mosaic Session IPA. Soul Style IPA is my everyday go-to beer at the moment. The Hop Oddyssey beers are also good and really give you an idea of the flavours some of the different hops give to beers.