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Crisp and sweet, with a hint of heat?


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Seeking thoughts on what this pepper might be.  These photos are from last year and aren't the best for identification, but it's all I have until the new crop comes in.
The pods are the yellow ones in the middle of this photo:

For size reference, those are Bahamian Goats on the right.  The little ones are Tepins.  The mystery pods are actually more creamy white than the yellow of this photo.
I'm not up to speed on my flower ID, but it seems like this should be a big clue:

A baby pod:

The flowers start out pointing downward.  Once a pod sets, it turns upward, but then bends down again as they grow.
Plant with pods:

The pods are delicious, imo, very crisp and sweet, with just a hint of heat.  They also keep remarkably well at room temperature.
The only thing I remember planting that it might be was something in a pack of "Habaneros, Caribbean Mix"  from Tradewinds Fruit, packed for 2016.  Because of this, and its mild, but non-zero heat, I've been calling it a "Trainer Habanero".
But I'd rather know what it really is.
It is not a habanero, it is a baccatum variety. The markings in the flower give that away.
My first thought on seeing the pods and reading your description was that it might be Aji Fantasy.
You grew 17 different baccatum varieties in 2016. Of those, the Aji Fantasy White, El Oro de Ecuador and Sugar Rush Cream stand out to me as possible suspects. I have no idea what your (x)blonde variety was, but if it was a yellowish baccatum then I guess that could be a candidate too.


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Yes. Further reading indicates this variety may not be completely stable yet. At last count there are >60 germinated of 75 seeds planted. Assuming I find a home for most of them, this will be a good measure of stability.

The mother plant has OWed successfully (barely), so that will provide a control. She goes outside today.