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breeding crossing two chinense peppers

Hello guys,

I crossed 2 baccatums and it worked, but i tried for 2 years to cross chinense peppers without sucess.

Has anyone here sucess crossing chinense peppers and can share his method with me?

My method was:
- picking a flower that will open up soon and cut out the pollen bag.
- taking out pollen from the other chinense species with a brush (or is a spoon better)?
- Polinating the flower where i cut the pollen bag out with this pollen
- protect the now polinated flower with a zip bag
I would recommend searching up "Pepper crossing" on youtube, and you will find a lot of good videos that show the whole process step by step! That's mainly how I learned to do it.
Fatalii has a website that also show the process: https://www.fatalii.net/growing_chile_peppers/breeding

Chinense x chinense should be easy to do if you do it correctly. I like to use a black spoon to collect the pollen, so it's easy to see. Or just pick off a whole flower with pollen and use that.

Baccatum and annuums are a bit easier for me since the whole flower is bigger. It can be tricky with the small chinence flowers since I have somewhat shaky hands :)
Thanks for the tips guys.

I wonder if the result would be better wether the "mother-plant" is outside or inside.

I noticed that chinense peppers that are growing inside have a hard time to get fruits, and loose many of their flowers.

But i dont know if its because of the missing wind and insects, or the plants have problems to set fruits while not in a natural enviroment.

On the other hand, plants inside face no hot sun, wind or other things that makes it more complicated for me to cross-breed.
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@Zackorz it depends , does it like a bit colder environment but my chinenses has just done fine if father has pollen. I have this "PepperX" variety and does poorly inside because the temp change is not big enough. Not making pollen but that does not matter if you have another variety that has pollen
Like rocotos like warm days and cold nights.
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