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MikeUSMC said:
I've been a huge fan of Jameson for a looooooong time (*almost* talked my wife into naming my daughter Jameson. So close ;) ). Especially their 12 year aged one. It's only like $10-15 more than their "regular" version, but MUCH smoother.

They (Jameson) also make a great bottle called "Redbreast," which I like even better than the regular 12 year stuff. Link: https://shop.jamesonwhiskey.com/products/redbreast-12-year-old

My wife and I went to Ireland on our honeymoon back in '09. The first night we were there, we did a tour (followed by a fancy dinner) at the Jameson distillery in Dublin. (Sorry for the crappy pics, I'm using my phone to take pics of the actual photographs)

Great tour! I wish I'd paid more attention to the process, but I was "imbibing" quite a bit on that trip ;) I did come home with a bottle of their "Distillery Reserve" though. Had my name put on the bottle, cost like $200. Worth it, in my opinion, because that's the ONLY place in the world you can get it; AT the distillery. They don't sell it online either. They gave everyone a complimentary rocks glass of this after the tour, but I still haven't opened this bottle

That trip was so much fun! Sorry for the rambling! Thanks for putting up with me, haha :cheers:

Keep calm and "hhwhiskey" on, everybody!
I couldn't agree more Mike, I too am a big Jameson fan and really appreciate the smoothness of it. If anything, it goes down too well.  :P
That personalized bottle is awesome, something I wouldn't be opening in a hurry either. Thanks for sharing.
Shorerider said:
If anything, it goes down too well.  :P
Haha! In one word, "YUP!"

Your Honor, I present Exhibit A, in the case of "Mike (after a fight with his ex) + 15 bottles of Beck's + full "Fifth" of Jameson vs. Telephone Pole":

Of course, the pole I hit had a transformer and all sorts of other electrical boxes and shit on it. Cost me almost $15,000. On the flip side, the cop told me that if I wasn't drunk, I'd probably be dead. I was completely asleep at the wheel, but the cops estimated I was going about 70mph. Jameson saved my life ;)

(This post is meant to be light-hearted. I DO NOT CONDONE DRUNK DRIVING. Moral of the story: if you drink and drive, you might end up killing yourself, or even worse, someone else. Thank God no one was injured that night)
MikeUSMC said:
Woodford Reserve is another great American Bourbon. So is Knob Creek.

(Damn. I haven't been out to the bar with the boys in a looooong time...)
nice to know.. my wife is always asking me what a good bourbon would be for her drinks and recipes but the extent of my Bourbon knowledge is running a bar out of Makers Mark   in Cincinnati 25 odd yrs ago.  .
 I was at a Finishing trade show  with the owner   of the company  I was powder coating for at the time.
We ended up drinking with the guys who were there from Remmington, and after we killed the MM I know we moved on to Jose,  everything after that was a bit fuzzy. 
I forgot about this one too. Haven't opened it, never tasted it, but it looks like it'd be a good Bourbon. My buddy gave (made) me this as a wedding gift. He had to hollow out the book to get the bottle to fit, but I think it's cool as hell :)

With this note on the inside cover:

Thanks, Chuck!
The older I get, the more I enjoy the taste of whiskey (or is it whisky?).  I'm partial to single-malt Scotch, but that's pretty expensive stuff, so for day-to-day drinking, I go with rye.  I'm also partial to some of the good rums, too.  They're sweeter than whiskey, but quite tasty to drink neat.  Depending on my mood, I might splash just a bit of water into my whiskey, but never ice.  That ruins the flavor.
As far as single-malt Scotch goes, I prefer Islay malts, especially Lagavulin 16 and Laphroaig 15.  Last time I bought either, a bottle went for around $100, give or take.  Islay malts have a very smokey, peaty, distinctive flavor, and as someone mentioned, they pair outstandingly well with a good cigar.  Single-malt scotch whisky comes from several different regions of Scotland.  The more popular regions are Highland, Speyside, and Islay, in my experience, but there are a couple other producing regions as well.
Rye whiskey has had quite a resurgence in popularity over the last 5 or 10 years.  It's really hard to get anything aged more than 4 years because demand has been so high that it doesn't make economic sense for distillers to continue aging it.  Recently, though, I've seen 6-year rye from Templeton and Russell.  Each of these is tasty.  I like to look for rye that is 100 proof and 100 percent rye.  Avoid ryes that aren't made from only rye grain.  To me, they don't taste nearly as good as 100 percent rye.  Right now, I have a bottle of Knob Creek rye in my cupboard.  It's a  4-year, 100 percent rye that is affordable and has great rye flavor.  Another of my favorites is Rittenhouse  100, which is also quite affordable as well as tasty.  The Russell and Templeton 6-years are good, but a notch more expensive.  Someone mentioned Whistle Pig.  Very good, but very expensive.  A bottle of Rittenhouse 100 runs about $30, while a bottle of Whistle Pig will run at least $70.
Traded some beer to land this recently. Not sure when I'll open though. Tempted to just sell it.
Slightly stale thread, but if you're interested, try Jameson Caskmates IPA edition. Random find that I've fallen in love with.

Scotch: Johnnie Walker BLUE label or the Mccallan

Irish: redbreast or Jameson caskmates

Bourbon: there are so many.

Japanese: Yamazaki

Look up 101 whiskies to try before you die. (it makes for a good Christmas tradition for the wife... Mine just opens and buys a bottle)
Been into bourbons for the last couple years and here are three of my favs:
Elmer T Lee - made by master distiller of the Buffalo Trace distillery.  Can't hardly find it anymore, last I saw it was up around $40 a bottle and very worth it.
American Prairie - made by High West distillery.  Great on its own, also great in cocktails.  Don't sleep on their Rendezvous Rye either.
Straight Edge - from the Splinter Group.  A blended whiskey that's been aged in wine barrels.  Complex and warm with a nice finish.
My normal go to is Bulleit, but the above three are special imo.