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CurryPepper’s 2023 gardening

At my current location, animals (mostly groundhogs) have eaten everything I have grown other than peppers.

The groundhogs dug under the fence I put up in 2021 and ate my tomatoes. This year I have put a fence up on the patio, where they can’t dig under. This is a fence from Amazon advertised for use with pet dogs. This fence should be high enough to keep the groundhogs and raccoons out. Deer could easily jump this new fence, but I am hoping they will be discouraged by the narrow claustrophobic space.

I am trying hydroponic growing this year for the first time. I purchased a Mr Stacky hydroponic system, and also components for Bato buckets. The Mr Stacky will be for herbs. Bato buckets for tomatoes and peppers. Most of my peppers will be in pots filled with Miracle gro potting mix, outside of the fence, since nothing wants to eat them anyway.

I was hoping to use the Mr Stacky in my grow tent this winter, but I couldn’t get the lighting the way I wanted it. My seedlings were growing leggy, so I removed the Mr Stacky to keep it from blocking any light. I will save the Mr Stacky for outside.

I am planning on 10 Bato buckets inside my fence, growing 4-5 tomato plants and 5-6 pepper plants. I still need to assemble a table and trellis netting for the Bato buckets.

I set up the vertical planter over the 3 day weekend. It seems to be a nice product.

The Mr Stacky kit came with a large cube of coco and a small bag of perlite. I hydrated the coco and mixed in the perlite. The mix was very heavy and drains slowly. I went ahead and used this mix even though I was unhappy with it. -

I will try different mixes with the Mr Stacky in the future. In my grow tent, I had my seedlings in Baja Coco 80:20 and I was happy with that mix.

I planted various seeds in a few of the empty spaces. Basil seeds have already sprouted.

The Mr Stacky hydroponic vertical garden has been successful. This year I have more herbs with less effort compared to prior years.

I have struggled with culantro in the past, but it is doing better this year. Hydroponic seems to be a good method for them. In the winter and spring, my first batch of culantro, started with older seeds, didn’t germinate. Hopefully with an earlier start next year, I will finally have abundant culantro.

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