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Currypeppers 2024

I always grow more peppers than I need, so my goal this season is to grow less. My freezer is full of scotch bonnets, so I am focusing more on annum peppers this year.

My seed starting grow tent in the past has been in a cold unfinished basement. This year I have the tent in an unused bedroom. I am excited to see how much better everything grows with the warmer temperatures. In the basement, air circulation and heat were competing variables. I could heat the tent if it was closed and unventilated, but then I noticed negative effects from lack of air circulation. From my reading, I think the plants probably weren’t getting enough CO2.

I have a west facing window in the new tent location. Not sure if a little natural sunlight will make any difference.

Despite my suboptimal conditions, my pepper seedlings have always grown well enough. I worried more about my tomato seedlings that always looked like they might not make it, but then would quickly regain their vigor once transplanted outside in the spring.

I started a few varieties 2-17-24
Zapotec jalapeño (new variety for me)
Lemon Spice jalapeño
Candy Apple Bell Pepper (new variety for me)
Sun Haven Bell pepper (new variety for me)
Trinidad Pimento
Bahamian Goat
St Lucia Seasoning

Several of these are old seeds that may or may not germinate.

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If I have good luck with germination of the old chinense seeds, I am going to try either multiple varieties per pot, or smaller pots, in an effort to reduce yield and reduce waste.

I was hoping to build an automated system for my seedlings, but I haven’t started on anything yet. I was going to try the Mr Stacky vertical tower in the tent last year, but I couldn’t get the lighting right.

I thought about building a flood and drain table, but the purpose built flood trays seem unreasonably expensive, particularly with shipping costs included, and I wasn’t 100% happy with the idea of using an improvised flood tray such as a cement mixing bucket (most of these seem too small for my needs).

I will just manually water unless I decide on something.
My grow light had two thirds of the led bulbs burnt out and I noticed eventually. It was one of those red and blue led fixtures that are painful to look at, so usually I turn it off before entering the grow tent. Not sure how long it was partially burnt out.

I bought a couple of grow lights that just screw into a standard socket and used those for a while until I came up with a permanent solution. I think these were bright enough to shock the plants a bit.

Was able to spend some time with the seedlings yesterday. Added 24x48 shelving to the tent, and new led lights. I’m playing around with the Photone app trying to get the lighting just right.

Also moved most of the plants out of the coco pods into coco perlite 80:20 red solo cups.

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