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Cycling Anyone ?

Last year I began walking 10-15 mikes a day and was considering jogging but didn't want to risk any knee injury with this 57 year old body. I'm only 5 lbs from reaching my high school weight as a senior which isn't an easy task. It has mostly been done though dieting and watching my carbs. So I decided to get a used bike because I'm cheap and my 19 year old son also picked up a used bike like mine in green so we are going to start riding together for exercise and bonding

Here is a pick of my bike with my son in the background . I found it on craigslist and bought 2 bikes from the same guy yesterday.
Are any THPers into cycling ?


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Run away as fast as you can. Cycling is addictive as crack and twice as expensive,lol.

Awesome and welcome to the sport. Cycling has brought me and my wife closer together and allowed us to see amazing things. It is a great stress management therapeutic bonding experience with nature. If you ever need any advice or tips please feel free to message me.
As one might guess from my handle, I love to ride, and even more so, i love to work on bikes.  Cycling is an awesome activity b/c you can do it on the very cheap, or you can do it extremely expensively, or anywhere in between.  Like sicman mentioned, though, it can get quite expensive if you're like many of us, and begin collecting bikes.  Or, maybe you're like me, and you'll start collecting components. . .  and then feeling compelled to build an entire bike around every weird crankset or hub you've got on hand. 
But, in the end, it's a nice low-impact form of exercise that can also be used as transportation. Ride your bike to the gym, and you've already got your heart rate up and a bit of cardio done before you even arrive.  Rde to the pub or restaurant and back, and you've already worked off some of those calories.  Ride to work and save on gas costs.  All the while, you're building stronger cardiovascular health (maybe i'm not; Jersey air is terrible) and you're building your quads, calves, core, and with drop bars like that, you'll get some forearms and triceps development too, that you might not have counted on. 
Aside from times that i'm dropping in early in the AM before work, I've been riding bikes to the community garden.  (Half the time, if I'm going with my wife, she insists that we walk instead....)  It's to the point where, the first time the other gardeners saw me arrive in my truck, they said they'd assumed i didn't drive. 
Good luck with the Treks.  My buddy Jesse used to ride that same Trek 1000 with the cool orange fade paint job.  That's a nice bike that ought to serve you well so long as it gets decent maintenance.
I am a bicycle commuter in Chicago, but not a high mileage cyclist.  At first it was a little scary, but I have gotten used to it. I've been run off the road/forced to stop on a dime by aggressive drivers and hit by uber/lyft drivers who don't pay any attention to the bike lane.  I'm hyper cautious now, but not deterred. My office is 10 miles away, and in rush hour it would take 40 min-55 min to get there, biking takes 45-50 min.   I ride a Trek 7.3 FX, I've had it a little over a year but I'm not really happy with it.  I keep using it over my old 70's steel frame road bike, only because it is easier to carry up and down the stairs.  
I have a number of friends who are much more into cycling than I am (including Sicman!), but its a great hobby/sport/activity.  I prefer it to driving. 
U-locks are my bike's best friend!
Nothing beats a good ride...especially early in the morning when there aren't many cars out and the world is quiet.  Just make sure you get some decent bike shorts or you'll be feeling it.  Definitely an amazing stress relief and huge cardio workout.
Now I'm going to buy a Hybrid next month a Giant Roam 2 , 2016 model in mint condition so I can go on some trails, dirt, off road etc.....  Its a $900 bike for $400.
Love mountain biking and trail riding. It's so damn fun, the injuries certainly suck though.
I used to have a vintage Raleigh racing bike and there was something great about those smooth, early morning rides on that bike. I worked in a bike shop for a little while and it was great, got a lot of exposure to what makes a nice bike and what to avoid.