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DeadSilent ‘21-‘22 Pepper

Hey Pepperheads! DeadSilent here starting a grow log for my so far 18 varieties of hot and super hot peppers! I will be adding 20+ when we get closer to 2022! As of today the majority of my seeds come from Baker Creek, but there are a few from Sherwood Seeds, Waylands Chiles, and Fatalii. I have a few more varieties coming from White Hot Peppers to be added to the line up!

Starting this grow I plan on keeping 36 of the 66 that have sprouted. I would keep them all but I am limited on indoor space for the winter. I hate to cull any of the herd, so I’ll be trying to give away the 30 that I can’t fit into my tent over the winter. As we get closer to spring I want to have close to 40 different varieties. 2 of each kind for a total of 80 plants.

So getting started I’ll make a list of the equipment I plan on using.
The indoor setup:
2- Durolux 2’ T5 HO Grow Lights
2- iPower 10x20 Heat mats w/ Temp Control

5x5x8 Ultra Yield Tent
HLG 600 Rspec
8” AC Infinity Exhaust w/ Temp & Humidty Control
8” AC Infinity Carbon Filter
Honeywell HT-900
GE 7-day Programmable PowerStrip

August 8, 2021
I started two starter trays 36 cells each.

Tray #1
From Left - Right
Aji Charapita
Dragon’s Breath
Carolina Reaper
Apocalypse Scorpion
7Pot Yellow
7Pot Pink
Bhut Jolokia (Red)
Jay’s Peach Ghost

Tray #2

From Left - Right
Hurt Berry
Death Spiral
Pink Tiger x Carolina Reaper
Black Panther
Sugar Rush Peach
Chinese Five Color

As you can see I’ve started 4 of each variety. I setup a little stand with two 2’ T5 lights, a power strip with timer and two heat mats with temperature controllers.
92% of these seed have germinated and are off to a decent start.

September 2, 2021
Today I mixed up the batch of media I’ll be using for the first transplant.

3cuft Premier Peat Moss
1cuft Oly Mountain Fish Compost
1cuft Pumice
1.5cup Dolomite Lime

I’ll be using this mix to transplant into 4” nursery pots. After that I plan on potting up to #2 nursery pots in hopes that size will hold them over until Spring and then transplant into their final 5 gallon fabric pots.


I’ll be updating this grow regularly so stay tuned to see what happens! Happy Growing!


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Yeah, off to a great beginning!

Have you grown Datil before?
They can pack a punch. Grew some of
Romy6’s Florida seeds for a few seasons.
Great production from those plants.

Good luck getting into the #2’s…


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Deadsilent you've thought about your setup and soil choice very well indeed wish you the best in your growing season and will look forward to updates.
Yeah, off to a great beginning!

Have you grown Datil before?
They can pack a punch. Grew some of
Romy6’s Florida seeds for a few seasons.
Great production from those plants.

Good luck getting into the #2’s…
Thanks PaulG! I have not grow the Datil’s before. This batch of seeds came from Baker Creek. I haven’t had any issues with seeds I’ve bought from them. So crossing my fingers for some productive plants!


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Nice varieties you got going. Don't forget to remove the nets when up-potting. jmo
September 10, 2021
It’s been a good week for the peppers! The tent is all setup, and everyone transplanted to 4” pots. Found some old 1020 trays and put together a sweet little setup.
It took a little bit of patience but I got them all organized and they’re looking pretty good so far!





Really looking forward to watching these little firecrackers grow!
September 18, 2021
It’s been a week since my last post and the peppers are doing good! I may have over watered them when I transplanted. I gave them a couple sprays tonight since they’re finally drying out 8 days later. They seem to be liking the mix I made for them!


In the next week I’ll be removing some of the doubles. I’ll post an update with pics when I do! Happy growing!!