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Dedgar’s GLOG

New year new challenge. This is my first year growing from seeds. Many varieties im new too, so im willing to learn different growing ways.
My growing list so far:
From seed
-orange scorpion
-bolivian rainbow
-moruga x cgn 21500
-dream catcher
-count dracula
-yellow fish
-golden reaper
-orange ghost

Overwintered plants

-scotch bonnets
-white habanero
-corno di toro orange
-carolina reapers
-7 pot
-chile de arbol

Heres to a good grow season!!


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Solid lineup! Peppers are a great way to learn the growing process from seed to pod, fingers crossed for a successful harvest in a few months 🤞


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+1 @Mildfruit.

Good luck with your seed starting, @eac619.
The only thing I would say is watch out for over-
watering the seeds. Other than that, it's really not
that hard starting from seeds. I mean, they are
programmed to grow in the right conditions. Nice
and warm and moist does it. Once the sprouts
are up, take off the cover to avoid damping off.