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Desert Grow 2020

The last few growing years have been filled with disappointment, outright disaster, and greatly reduced interest.  But then 2020 came along and 'gifted'  :rolleyes: me with plenty of time to devote to the hobby!
The Pepper Zone sucked me in big time.  
Results to date are fantastic, at least by my standards, with few incidents and only one or two fatalities. 
As of today I've got about two dozen plants growing in bags, buckets, pots, etc.  Most are baccatum, with a few Thai and 'Hatch' varieties thrown in for variety.
The NuMex and a handful of baccatum strains are producing pods. With cooler monsoonal climate arriving, I look forward to a large-scale bloom over the next few weeks. 
Table of peppers.

A few more..

Behold, the Mighty Wallybag!!
Looks good.  I never thought about using the shopping bags.  Do they allow for decent water drainage if there is a downpour?  (That may be kinda hard to answer from AZ.
They are the woven fabric type so they drain and 'breathe' very, very well.  Evaporation through the fabric cools the roots, which helps keep the plants happy in the stupid Az heat.  Capacity is about 7 gallons, enough for a respectable plant.  For 50 cents Wallybags are a gardening 'miracle!'  :dance:
We do indeed get the occasional torrential thunderstorm during the SW Monsoon season.  My daily record is 2.98 inches.