DF 2021 Glog

New Seeds Startup :D
Batch one;


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GaGrowhead has some good tips for using the peat pellets.
The main thing was to squish them around and loosen them
up after soaking. You can feel the layers of the pellets that are
not fully expanded when you do this. The pellets gain in height
and lose in diameter, but are much looser for rapid root-tip
extension. After trying that, I had better success, i.e. germination,
with the pellets.
After using both the Jiffy Pellets and RockWool, I have gone
back to good old Black Gold general purpose potting soil in
32-cell flats direct sowing. Go figure   :crazy:
Lots of hooks coming your way, I'm sure!


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dragonsfire said:
Thanks paul for the Seeds !!!!!!!!!  :dance:
Bagged already :)
Wow, the envelope got there on record time, Neil!
I’m glad you’re giving them a go, can’t wait to see
your results.


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Glad those finally made it to you.  I think the 26 days in transit might be a record slowest of any seeds I've shipped.  Certainly the slowest to anyone as reasonably nearby as you are.
Hopefully they'll germinate quickly to make up for it.