misc Disabled American Veteran Fund Raiser and seed offer

I am running a fund raiser where 100% of the proceeds will go to Disabled American Veterans on my listings. It is my first time with Ebay fundraising so some money will be donated directly by Ebay and the rest will be donated directly by myself.
Anyone who purchases the seed shown will 100% be able to find some very beautiful variegated phenotypes if they grow them (F2 seed) all out. In making your donation you reserve the right to name or not any phenotypes you wish without fear of someone yelling from the roof tops that the cross is not yours. I say that as I am the actual hybridizer and I am waiving my rights (implied or otherwise)https://www.ebay.com/itm/275558503959?hash=item4028911617:g:m0UAAOSwsqxjhQOM&amdata=enc:AQAHAAAAoEyz55uaFDkXlQwYBU4DMeiDEs5bD007/fCAygWtOMOyFTAGunVH9xOUuagX0T0PlaXBN4FezjNb80jzNjRysLG5mFJ8TQu9/GubGwb7KyKwKzr3J30kIWR9sVPZNhl2t9NBct0DdT2BAgS1pnIEyVSvTrLq9gauvVUYP7Aize0pYwd8NnCBtR7AUJEi8mY4Y0GFVCz5asVtLjRjbKUMa7c=|tkp:Bk9SR-CA7oyYYQ to the phenotypes discovered here when these seeds are purchased.
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