greenhouse Disinfecting green house

Hi there fellow growers.
Can anyone suggest a good way to disinfect a greenhouse and all my DWC equipment? I'm clearing everything out of the greenhouse in about a month's time and want to sterilise the hell out of everything. This winter I had a bad outbreak of mites, and want to make sure I kill everything before I put in my new setup for next winter.
I thought of just using bleach and literally spraying it all over the floor, walls, ceiling, soaking all buckets, airlines and everything else in it. But figured I better ask in case there are better ways out there.
Thank you
Bleach for sterilizing. Something else for pests. If your greenhouse is pretty well sealed you can pop a couple insecticide bombs in there to nuke the entire place. If you want to go organic/chemical free it's going to be a long drawn out process.
Awesome thanks guys. I think I might get an insecticide bomb in there first and then bleach the entire place.
Plus with some hot days coming up I might spray it all with bleach in the morning then shut the windows (the greenhouse is pretty well sealed) and let it roast in the sun. When I emptied the greenhouse last summer and left it shut during the day the temperatures inside got over 55C (130F) - the thermometer went into error mode as it didnt read above 55, so I'm sure bleach soaking, combined with that temperature after an insecticide bomb - I think that'll put an end to my problems. For a while anyway.