recipe-wanted DIY Taco Seasoning Ideas

Yea, I can go to the chain grocery and pick up a handful of 99 cent packets, but what is the fun of that? I'm looking for a good spice blend that I can whip up with some of what I grow, or what I can buy from my local mex grocery.

Yes, NECM, I could use the Google, with key search words such as "taco seasoning recipe". But ultimately I find that the recipes that pop up are rather generic and uninspiring. I mean, what really is "chili powder" to a yuppie recipe blogger anyway? Many of the recipes even comment on how little salt is used. Are you kidding me? Gimme the salt, msg, whatever.

I'm not looking for a deathwish reaper type of heat - just a nice mid-heat burst of flavor. So, anybody out there have any blends that they wish to share?

The Hot Pepper

A key ingredient is going to be ancho pepper if you want that traditional taste, but guajillo or other Mexican dried peppers work great as well, and you can blend them for a complex flavor.

The next key ingredient is going to be cumin.

After that, your onion and garlic powder. Mexican oregano. White or black pepper. Salt and sugar optional.

I find paprika also optional if using a good pepper blend.

One thing I like to do is I make it a little more vibrant and citrusy. So my "secret" ingredient is lemon (or lime). Buy a shaker of lemon pepper (the real stuff with lemon zest and pepper only) or make your own dried lemon/lime zest.

The Hot Pepper

cumin, chili powder, smoked paprika, pepper flakes, cayenne powder, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, salt and pepper. That is what my sweet wife uses, its really good.
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I agree with above. I gave up trying to replace the chile powder with home grown. I keep bulk chile powder from butcher and I like heavy on the cumin which is cheap from an Indian grocery. Onions and pepper from the garden or freezer. I use the same mix for fajitas but heavy on the lemon/pepper.


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I have done a couple recipes based on Emeril Legasse' s posted recipes for cajun spice blend and southwest spice mix. I make it sans salt to sell locally.

Just a starting point, adjust to your preferences and heat level.