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does anybody know the name of this pepper in English?

i grew a lot of this pepper.  the plant is only 20cm tall.    pod size is 1.5-3cm.  i would like to know the name of this variety in English. Thanks in advance.





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The fact that the OP is in thailand leads me to believe that it's not a bonnie plant.. From my experience, most producers in the far east grow for production and don't pay too close attention to the names of the vatiety. It's a thai chili.
A type of "Chili Padi" (malay word for birdseye) common in Malaysia.  Hairy stems and very prolific.  I seen it commonly sold in nurseries in Kuala Lumpur
Here is a pic-  I grew them several years ago and seeds I extracted from a family in Malaysia
DSCN0947 (800x600).jpg
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Mine are pale light green and take for ever to change to orange.  Haven't had the patience to get it to red yet. Was bought as a Bonnie container plant labelled Tobasco.  Plenty of red peppers in the tag picture, but not yet on the plant.