heat Does anyone have a list of the current 20 hottest peppers?

dont forget about jamaican hot chocolate it ranks with the other chocolate/brown habs, & yes about other chinense varities are hot BUT not all chinense varities are hot!
20 hottest variety

1.Bhut Jolokia
2.Bih Jolokia7 pods(pot)
3.Naga Morich
4.Trinidad Scorpion
5.Trinidad Douglah
6.Red Savina
7.Chocolate Habanero
8.Cleo's Dragon
9.Devil tongue
10.Donne Sali( C.Annuum)
11.Tangarine bell
12.Aji Chombo
13.Aji Umba( Ojema or Ujumba)
14.Bonda Ma Jackque
15.Madam Janette
19.PI355811 'The Ultimate Pube'(C.Pubescens)
20.Tepin (C.Annuum var.aviculare)
Now were getting into a debate which I knew would happen. There is no way red savina is hotter than Fatalii or devil's tongue or chocolate hab and Donnie Sali should not even be on the list, and the Aji's?? and tepin?? and tangerine bell??
Potawie those are the variety to be the hottest not in alphabetical order,C.Pubescens or C.Annuum they are hot too but not like Habanero variety I agree with that.
The Naga is hotter than 7-Pot and about the same as Bhut/Bih Jolokia. I'm just not sure about the heat of the Scorpion.
if fatalii/devils tongue is not in top five the list is wrong.(after the naga phenos)
and that is just one case. annums,pubescens and bactums have no busness on this list.
We had a thread going on this subject, but there never seems to be any new reliable testing done anywhere.
Isn't there a hot pepper magazine somewhere? Maybe not.

Until there is definitive side by side testing, arguments are futile.

A bucket top 5 is probably possible.
The list of 20 hottest pepper I didn't put by exactly order by heat scale only of the top of my head by the one I think are the hottest one from CO.Chinese,Axis,CO.Pubescent & CO.annul.All I did mention what is my opinion to make my self clear CO.Chinese are always the hottest one so I do not see big deal to make this debate go to far & personally learn & correct each another is the Wright way.We don't have to make fun of someone I think we are the civilized people.I like to make friend with all of you in the good manner & talk about peppers have fun & respect each another.
Wally from Ohio
We do need some more happiness around here but we also need accurate info;) If we say the Diablo negro is the hottest pepper then people will go out and buy it and likely be dissapointed:lol: