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water Does hard water provide calcium/magnesium?

In my case, my tap water contains calcium and magnesium carbonate, which when added to water, dissociates into calcium, magnesium, and carbonate ions. My question is, can this Ca and Mg be absorbed by the plant?


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IMO yes, however check the pH of your tap water...the carbonate ions will probably make the water more alkaline than acidic...
Im no expert on the matter, but my guess is yes. I think it would depend on how much is in the water as to much is absorbed. If the plants absorb it. I would say this especially would be true if the plants are being bottom watered. Best rule of thumb is to stay away from tap water due to impurities. Unless you have a good filter on it! Lets see what the others think about it.
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Good question, but I have read of members reporting of less than satisfactory outcomes. It might be a good idea to have the water tested.

We use tap water to fill our 500 gal black water storage container approximately 23 hrs prior to watering the plants. This helps to aid in warmer water temps. We water the plants around noon time everyday as needed, which consumes about 250 gals per.
If its dissolved in the water then the plant will absorb it. I don't think tap water would be an issue unless they put a large amount of chlorine in it. if thats the case put it in clear containers and leave em out in the sun, sunlight breaks down the chlorine molecules into harmless matter. we don't have that problem here as wells are our water supply. FYI Most of the tap water available in the US is of higher quality than that stuff in the water bottles they sell you in the store, Bottled Water does not have to adhere to the same quality standards as US municipalities do.http://www.rd.com/health/rethink-what-you-drink/